Watch The 007-Inspired Opening Title Sequence For Upcoming Short, BLACK SALT

Director Ben Ramsey's new superhero martial arts action short, Black Salt, is gearing for a premiere on November 7 at the Urban Action Showcase & Expo in New York City. Co-star and action legend James Lew will be in attendance along with a few others to be announced while plans remain pending for its release following the premiere.

The shortfilm has been in the works for several years with a feature film also in the hopeful near future, based on the work of indie comic book creator Owen Ratliff. Actor Kinyumba Mutakabbir leads from a script by Phillip Daay with a story focused on Samuel Tharpe, a top Interpol agent who must hone in on his Shaolin training and cunning to stop the Yakuza from unleashing nuclear destruction.

While we wait for the premiere fallout and subsequent official release, Ramsey's YouTube channel has been unveiling the title song in the past few days with two different videos. The second of the two was just published on Thursday in a beautiful showcase of the opening title sequence with a distinct adherance to the James Bond franchise in its lush imagery, and featuring recording artist, Mimoza, performing the title song, "When The World Is Blind", with music and lyrics by Eros Cartechini and Hillary Bernstein.

Check it out below!

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