THE HIT LIST - October 26, 2015

This weekend was another rough one... safe to say I need two of me. Nevertheless, I'm committed to the Hit List this week and have delivered the goods, the high falls, the hard-hitters and all!

Right now, we kick things off like we always do, and that's with the stunt players and demo reels of their own. Watch the latest from Alexandre Gay, Jennifer Li, Sam Slater, Pablo Verdejo, Kadia Saraf, Jesse Haus, Alessandro Romeo, Felix Quinton, Moe Alafrangy and Taz Garcia, as well as an illustrious Darth Maul-inspired lightsaber demo conjured by actor and martial artist Aaron Gassor.

Up next, as always, we have a small list of test fights that I found worth sharing. The first comes courtesy of filmmaker Bryan Sloyer who dazzled us earlier this year with an amazing action short called The Keeper. He's got a new BTS video for that project you can view on his channel if you fancy, but his latest short comes as the first of a miniseries, now with Jerry Quill front and center in The Complete Student: Part One, loaded with a barrage of grappling action.

The second hails from Dragon Phoenix Entertainment where we get to watch Shaun Charney and Tess Kielhamer play for a bit, followed by T. Ryan Mooney's latest action experiment, Runner, a lovely lightsaber experiment courtesy of Hannes Pastor and Hanna Spreitzenbarth, the latest chapter of The Fighting Journey from Lunar Stunts featuring Molly McIntyre, a deadly combination that ensues when DL McDonald takes Jon Truei's pants (you'll see what I mean), Wolf Stunts's latest one-take fight gem, The Oner, and three of the most polite Asians you'll ever polite to each other, they have to fight for it - courtesy of Art School Dropouts and Fighting Panda Productions!

Before we get to the shorts, two photos have made their way online thanks to The Last Girl director, filmmaker Jela Oba Okpara with his newest now in progress, A Thief Or Two. And assuming actor Nick Denbeigh isn't one of the said thieves, I'd say he's got his hands full!

Check out the first two stills below.
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And now to the fights, and for that, we revert to filmmaker Alex Chung and the violent, dark and gruesome world introduced in his latest short, Reverse. Sequelizing a previous short, Kyle Stewart stars in a story centered on an undercover mole in danger of getting made, and the brutal violence that ensues...but who is the mole? (If you think I'm spilling the beans, you can go spin!)

Watch Reverse right now.

Up next is the latest action comedy gig from Force Storm Entertainment with a scenario in which two friends end up at the wrong costume party. Can Noah Fleder and Jen Chae fight their way out? Because they don't have a choice!

Just in time for Halloween, it just so happens we now get to see the Gingerninja himself, Aaron Gassor out of the Maul costume, but still taking on the horrific and supernatural. Here and now with actor and fellow Kamikaze lead star, actor Marcus Shakesheff, the two find themselves in a seemingly haunted house with no way out except through portal jumping killer clowns.

Killer clowns. I'll just leave it at that.

And lastly, if you've been keeping up at all in the past year, you may recall the recent release of last years emotional kick to the face, Shadow Of 13 starring French Cambodian stuntman and actor Daren Nop. Godefroy Ryckewaert directed the first and the sequel arrived earlier this year ahead of Cannes where it was propositioned to festival attendees.

The sequel is now available online in the player below, and if you have any sense at all, you'll watch this and share it with friends. It's a fantastic piece of work and a lot like much of the shortfilm I content I share, it deserves a bigger audience and even greater prospects.

I hope you all enjoyed these lovely gems, and if you have, here is where you'll find more. Be sure to subscribe and support the channels above, and once more, if you or someone you know makes kick-ass movies and videos like these and you think it deserves a place in the Hit List, please send it to us at


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