THE HIT LIST - October 19, 2015

Time to get the ball rolling this week for a brand new Hit List, one with ample music, energy and most importantly, some of the best action ever shot on film. This week is a little light, but a guaranteed crowdpleaser nonetheless...

So sit back and relax, and keep the play button handy. As always, we're kicking things off with a nifty playlist of cool stunt and training reels from some of todays hardworking stuntmen and coordinators.

Former adult entertainer Celine Tran sets the tone properly after bursting into 2015 in solid action actress fashion, now with a reel this season courtesy of Vimeo. Following beneath is a playlist host to reels by Yokoyama Kazuhiro, Simu Lim, Kelly Phelan, David Le, Eugene Bonislavsky, Adam Gomez, and Team Bokator - the people behind Jimmy Henderson's latest Cambodian vigilante actioner, Hanuman, and the latest training and choreography extension of German action auteur, actor Mike Moeller.

Action Demo Reel / Bande démo "action" from Celine TRAN on Vimeo.

Time for a music break, and out as of last week is a new music video featuring hip-hop recording artist 100 Proof for the new song, "U Don't Love Me No More". Actor, stunt coordinator and filmmaker Ron Yuan (Black Salt, Black & White 2: The Dawn Of Justice) directs latest gem in a short story telling of betrayal and deception, coupled with kicks to the face and bullets to the head. Viewer discretion is advised, of course, so you know what to do.

Taking a turn into some cool new short content, we have several small fight bits in store. The first comes from Tanay Genco Ulgen with action actresses Ieisha Auyeung and Jennifer Li squaring off (it also bares mentioning that his channel is now hosting a campaign video to help pitch the new action comedy short, Stunties, which you can view HERE) followed by Thai actors Phai Pratchya and Narat Nakthong, a new short story bit from the EMC Monkeys with troll victim Tony Sre and the latest supermarket brawl courtesy of Streamys award-winning and certified stunt and film group, The RackaRacka!

Time to finish this Hit List off in righteous, fistful fashion with a couple of great new action shorts - a few which aired just last week. To start with, peep the debut shortfilm from the official YouTube channel for JP/LP Action Design titled Dead End. UK actors and stuntmen Jean-Paul Ly and Law Plancel have worked plenty of times before and their partnership on this latest collaborative effort speaks volumes. Co-directed by Ly and filmmaker Colin Emerson, the acting is adequate while the fight choreography, editing and cinematography are excellent overall, and aside from slight Donnie Yen-nods here and there, doesn't try to be anything more than what it is, making it even more fantastic.

This is another exact example of the kind of quality action needed in most action films today as delightful as it is to watch folks like Ly and Plancel do what they do best. Ignoring talent like this does a huge disservice, so please watch and take note, because this duo is only just getting started.

The next comes from actor and filmmaker Joey Min, a.k.a. Master Udyr's number one student back to save seemingly helpless damsels from foolish minions who dare cross his path.

Pro Tip: Yes, that is a monkey hat he's wearing; No, that is no ordinary monkey hat; Yes, that was a boob he grabbed. Or was it?... Either way, it's a considerable homage to Mr. Nice Guy in its own right. Peep it.

While this latest from actor and stuntman Jawed El Berni isn't the first, I sure hope it isn't the last. Pure action, laughs and a love of chicklets are the elements here used in the new short, GaRage. Chris Rosales adds his flair for comedy as a bumbling car thief alongside Anthony Nanakornpanom whose career is one I've been hugely interested in; He played one of the principle assassins in Sakamoto Koichi's 2008 cult hit, Broken Path, so I already come in this as a fan of his work. As always though, the results speak for themselves as per the footage below.

And last though far from least, the past year has proven kind of fruitful for actor and stuntman Daren Nop in the wake of attention drawn to his latest shortfilm hit, Shadow Of 13 from director Godefroy Ryckewaert. It was his debut short with a leading role which led to a sequel back in March prior to temporarily disabling their links as a prerequisite for Cannes entry this past summer; From what I've learned, it hasn't been all for naught with Nop speaking to some important people on the prospects of hopefully turning this into something larger, whether it be online or through television (personally I was going for a feature film).

At any rate, whatever the circumstances are, Shadow Of 13 is back online with its sequel re-opening next week. While both are replete with stylish martial arts choreography and performance, I fell in absolute joy and love with the first one with Nop front and center as the star. You can read my initial case for it by clicking here, otherwise just take my word for it when I tell you that when you watch this shortfilm, you're going to want even more, and maybe then some after next week.

Watch Shadow Of 13: Part One right now.

As a noteworthy mention:
•The upcoming action short, Charger, has an official premiere date set for November 23 at the Music Box theatre in Chicago in conjunction with its online release. Spearheaded by Zach Livingston earlier this year with the help of his cast and crew on Seed And Spark, the short is designed as a one-take five-minute thriller focused on one man's mission to rescue a woman, leading up to a major twist!

The production unveiled its latest poster to celebrate its announcement in accordance with the further completion of their crowdfunding goals, and you can take a look at below:

Follow Charger on Facebook, subscribe to these channels, and if it suits you at the moment, last week's Hit List features tons more action if you missed any. Above all else though, if you or someone you know makes movies like these and deserve a spot on the Hit List, hit us up at!


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