SOUTHPAW Re-Releases In Theaters Today!

Perhaps one of the biggest and most memorable moviegoing experiences of the summer of 2015 has to be director Antoine Fuqua's stellar new boxing drama, Southpaw. Kurt Sutter provided the script and was host to a slew of strong performances led by actor Jake Gyllenhaal who fully immersed himself into the role of Billy Hope, a champion boxer forced to redeem himself and fight for his family following a personal tragedy.

It was an intense, poignant and thrilling character study with Rachel McAdams and the impressive Oona Laurence on hand, along with supporting actor Forest Whitaker lending his stellar signature craft to the screen, that truly gives you a grounded and inspiring story with a perfectly imperfect protagonist to root for. On top of this, the notion of this film following Gyllenhaal's accolades in last year's Nightcrawler a possible Oscar contender is a prospect that The Weinstein Company is clearly keeping in mind right now, and so they're taking it upon themselves to theatrically re-release the boxing hit drama on 300 screens nationwide beginning on October 2, 2015.

The film is already the recipient of waves upon waves of upworthy reviews, so if you at all missed this film since its run in July and need a break from the summer blockbuster spectacle, and you were given the option to watch Southpaw theatrically with friends and family, I wouldn't pass it up. Otherwise, Southpaw is also releasing on Digital HD on October 16 followed by a Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD release on October 27.

H/T: Deadline


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