RESIDENT EVIL Is Getting A CG Reboot

With a reboot of the second game in the works and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter takes shape for its January 2017 release (bearing in mind the new crowdfunding campaign to help one of its principle stuntwomen, Olivia Jackson, who was seriously injured during filming), it looks like another one is also in store and adding further to the roster of its previous CG-animated titles. Marza Animation Planet is reportedly teaming up with Capcom for what's being otherwise described as a full reboot of the Resident Evil franchise which will be bringing back characters like Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers.

Marza (via Inside, Kotaku) made the official announcemrnt:
MARZA ANIMATION PLANET INC., a CG animation film production company of SEGA SAMMY Group, today announced a production of a full CG animation movie RESIDENT EVIL CG 3 (working title) based on Japanese game developer CAPCOM’s internationally renowned videogame franchise RESIDENT EVIL. The movie will be penned by Makoto Fukami (PSYCHO-PASS series) and directed by Takanori Tsujimoto (Hard Revenge Milly - The Beginning, Mobile Police Patlabor series, Ultraman X). Notably, also Hollywood box office #1 hit J-horror creator Takashi Shimizu (THE GRUDGE) is attached as an Executive Producer and will oversee the production. Producer to RESIDENT EVIL game franchise and Milla Jovovich & Paul Anderson pair’s popular live-action movie franchise, Hiroyuki Kobayashi (CAPCOM) has joined the project as an Executive Supervisor.


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