Observe The Art Of Combat In The New TV Trailer For INTO THE BADLANDS

AMC Network's latest jewel of a television series, Into The Badlands, is gearing up for a November 15 premiere, and the expectations are far from disappointing. So we have a slew of TV spots until then and it's understandable how some might not be so eager to view them so as to abstain from spoilage.

Alas, pay no mind to this latest 30-second promo featuring glorious glimpses of high-flying and kinetic martial arts action featuring Daniel Wu as a repenting agent of death. Aramis Knight, Sarah Bolger and Martin Csokas also start among the cast for this sprawling tale inspired by Chinese folklore, which to say the least, looks nothing short of edgy and unapologetically badass!...

...Oh hell, take a look below. You know you wanna!


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