NZ Extras Casting Commences For Dreamworks's GHOST IN THE SHELL

Believe it or not, there's a petition circulating online for the forthcoming production of Dreamworks's adaptation of the hit manga and anime, Ghost In The Shell, to recast the lead role currently occupied by actress Scarlett Johansson. Time will tell how far that effort will go as many fans and folks remain keen and aware of the necessity of staying true to certain matters of source material depending on the property, and obviously the casting of a Caucasian actress in the role of a Japanese leading role would be a motivator for almost anyone in that effort.

Nonetheless, the Marvel mainstay is still attached as production is set to begin in Wellington, New Zealand in January of 2016, and now a casting call announcement has gone viral via the Rachel Bullock Casting page on Facebook. Snow White And The Huntsman helmer Rupert Sanders is set to direct from a script by William Wheeler with Johansson portraying a cybernetically enhanced semi-human counter terrorist in a future world where society's fixation on technological advancements have made it possible for most people to hack their way into virtually anything, anywhere, opening doors to all sorts of intrigue and corruption on a massive scale.

The film is based on Shirow Masamune's highly popular 1989 manga and the following Oshii Mamoru-directed 1995 anime in which the lead character's name is Kusanagi Motoko. Bearing this in mind with the Lucy star's casting as of nearly a year ago, there's still no word yet on how the production is going to transition this aspect of the film while on course to release the film on March 31, 2017, a few weeks up from its previous April date.

At any rate, Avi Arad, Mark Sourian and Steven Paul are producing, so hopefully they and Sanders will have an explanation soon.

Stay tuned!



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