NYCC 2015: A Live-Action TIGER AND BUNNY Movie Is In The Works

Fans familiar with the popular sci-fi anime franchise, Tiger And Bunny, are getting a live-action feature film following last week's events at New York Comic Con. Black Butler helmer Satou Keiichi directed the original anime which launched in 2011 and spawned a slate of manga publications, games and movies up to last year.

Joined by representatives from All Nippon Entertainment Works' and Imagine Entertainment, Sunrise and Namco Bandai Entertainment hosted a panel at NYCC announcing the film according to ANN, which, inspired by the anime, will takes place in Manhattan-inspired Stern Bild City, where super-powered beings dubbed NEXT (Noted Entities with eXtraordinary Talents) are not only heralded, but sponsored and commercialized on television. And at the center of our story: two titular heroes with distinctively different ideologies on what it means to be a superhero.

Director Ron Howard, whose next feat of epicness can be observed this December in the new film, In The Heart Of The Sea, is tapped to produce the film along with Brian Grazer, All Nippon's own Sandy Climan and Annmarie Bailey, and original creator Ozaki Masayuki on behalf of Bandai Namco. A start date is yet to be announced pending the search of a director and cast while Tiger And Bunny remains as one of a slew of Japanese properties All Nippon is aiming to bridge through Hollywood, including 6000: Rokusen, SOUL ReVIVER, Fuji TV's 70's mecha anime, Gaiking and the latest of three titles with producer Chris Weitz, Miike Takashi's Shield Of Straw.

Stay tuned!


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