Kellie Madison's THE GATE Successfully Reaches Crowdfunding Goals

Less than a month after crowdfunding commenced for The Tank helmer Kellie Madison's latest endeavor, The Gate, the Kickstarter campaign successfully reached its goals on Monday with just a few days left. The project began slowly picking up steam in the last several weeks with various press sites picking up the story and featuring several interviews and further perks adding to the hype.

The project currently stands as a six-minute proof-of-concept pitch that will feature actress Amy Johnston as Cassie Weston, a world champion MMA fighter and Pencak Silat expert whose vengeful crimefighting ways put her in the throes of a dangerous Indonesian crime lord, played by the one and only Yayan Ruhian. Chalet Lizzette Brannan also stars with a cast comprised of martial arts stunt team, EMC Monkeys, with stunt coordination by Chris Carnel (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Tank, Mercenaries).

Madison praises Johnston's natural screenfighting talent which gained her popularity online through various viral videos and shortfilms, as well as her affinity for the kinetic fight action seen in The Raid films in which Ruhian co-stars. "This project is so special because not only does it provide the world with an opportunity to witness the amazing and powerful martial art form, Pencak Silat... but it gets to experience it through the eyes of a female superhero." she says. "And we need more strong, powerful women represented in media. I am honored to be able to tell this story to the world."

She also adds, "I'm obsessed with the Raid. I honestly think it's an amazing film all around. I'm drawn to the lush characters, great faces, and talented martial artists that can also tell a story through their performances."

Filming is expected to begin in the last week of October for a hopeful network hook-up by January. In the meantine, fans may still offer donations of any kind for AND apart from the Kickstarter campaign between now and the remainder of the year. Follow the brand new official fanpage on Facebook for more details.


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