JOHN WICK 2 Starts Filming In New York City

Big budget movies tend to garner big attention with big loads of fervor. Such a result may have been unforseen with the small-scale action thriller debut, John Wick, last year, but came nonetheless topped with a renewed appreciation for an original action storytelling.

Keanu Reeves led the film and no doubt brings even more light to the cause with a visceral take on an unrelenting assassin who bids a revisit to his former employer and his son to avenge his wife's legacy. It was a trail of blood, bullets, fisticuffs and sheer spectacle almost perfectly formulating just the kind of action movies many fans pine for, and no less, it was through the good fortune of a low budget and enough box-office support that plans for the sequel lended further promise.

Alas, John Wick 2 is finally underway with locations currently set for Italy and in New York City where filming now resumes in the park slope area of Brooklyn. Chad Stahelski sits solo in the director's chair with John Wick co-director executive producing whilst overseas helming The Coldest City. Basil Ilwaynk sits in as producer for John Wick 2 with a cast that reunites Reeves with actor Ian McShane and joins them with Common in a villain role for a story that aims to further focus on the title character in releation to a few other elements from the first film.

Best of all is J.J. Perry (The Tournament, Warrior) standing in as fight choreographer with an approach that will surely amplify the John Wick-style of no-holds-barred double taps to the face and neck-breaking MMA brutality that make our protagonist the vengeful killing machine he is. Other characters will also include a deadly female antagonist who operates above Common's character, although further details remain pending as to who plays that character, among other bits of info we now await to see in this film's manifestation.

Several excluisve BTS set pics have actually made their way online, specifically several from an Instagram fan profile for Reeves which you can view below:
A photo posted by KCR AMERICA LATINA NEWS" (@kcr_america_latina_news) on

A photo posted by KCR AMERICA LATINA NEWS" (@kcr_america_latina_news) on

Stay tuned for more info!


  1. I bet the director saw the movie Run All Night when he decided to cast Common cause Common did a great job as an assassin in that! Excited for this sequel!!


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