HIT LIST HEAD'S UP: New Stills And Poster For DEAD END

Looking ahead to the forthcoming Hit List on Monday, expect the return of action actors and stuntmen Jean-Paul Ly and Laurent Plancel for the new action short, Dead End. Colin Emerson co-directs once more following their previous stint on the 007-inspired short, Sapphire with a story focused on two long time friends involved in a deal that goes south with one exposing himself as an undercover cop.

Shot back in July, the short clocks at about five minutes which is ample enough for another tasty experiment to enjoy. Dead End is arriving online this weekend as we speak, but we have just a few new stills to accommodate until the hours pass:

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In other news, Ly and Plancel previously finished Charlie Dennis's forthcoming action short, Deep Pan Fury, which is currently staving off any online releases until its festival circulation is finished; The project has since earned one nomination at the Action On Film Festival in Monrovia California last month, and is well on the way to screen in London for the Comic Con crowd.

Follow the fan page for more info and stay tuned to us for Monday's October 19 installation of The Hit List!


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