Higuchi Shinji And Kenji Tanigaki Lend Their VOICES In A Powerful New Set Teaser!

Whatever is happening in Japan right now between filmmaker Higuchi Shinji and Rurouni Kenshin trilogy action director Kenji Tanigaki, it's starting to draw some serious attention. Higuchi's most recent obligations have been to Toho's forthcoming Shin Godzilla movie following his completed Attack On Titan twofers which are finally making headway in North America this season.

Nowadays, it looks as if his attention has also been devoted to a brand new project called Voices. Music label Flying Dog unleashed a behind-the-scenes teaser for the project with footage showing up to fifty actors and stuntmen wired up and donning costumes by GANTZ's own Takeda Dango, and performing feats of action amid a rock background, along with action-packed footage showcasing Takeda Rina, Mimoto Masanori, Joey, and Shimazu Kentaro.

All this is pretty sudden but the footage is electrifying and energetic as all hell, and whatever happens, it appears to be happening sometime in November.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I want to know more before then. Check it all out below!


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