Help Kickstart A.J. Annila's New Fantasy Action Novel Adaptation, WARRIOR NUN!

You're sorely mistaken if you thought for one second that female-centric action storytelling is dwindling. Far from it, in fact, with what now looks to be a spectacular new venture into fantasy and martial arts action with the forthcoming live-action adaptation of author Ben Dunn's cult graphic novel franchise, Warrior Nun.

First appearing in Dunn's "Ninja High School" book series, Warrior Nun focuses its epic narrative on Sister Shannon Masters, chosen by a Valkyrie as the avatar of a centuries-old clandestine global organization of warrior nuns and magic priests who fight forces of evil in the name of the Catholic Church. The project is especially one that's been long sought after in its development with Finnish filmmaker Antti-Jussi Annila (Jade Soturi - Jade Warrior, Sauna) who has been hard at work at aiming to turn Warrior Nun into a film that adheres to his visual style and interest in martial arts action through films like The Raid 2 and the Bourne franchise.

The film is looking to cast early next year before shooting in the summer. However, with the next layered phase of pre-production looming, the only hurdle they have right now comes in a cluster of other hurdles that vary in size and scale, many which could ultimately determine if Warrior Nun is a crowning success or an failure should the production suffer from the creative restrictions that come from direct financing.

As important as the business aspects of this project are, this is clearly a labor of love for Annila and the team of Hollywood-caliber concept artists, designers and writers he and producers Dean English and Robert Burke have been mobilizing from all across the world, including fight choreographer Tim Man (Echoes Of A Ronin, Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear, Undisputed IV). Alas, the various levels of control they wish to maintain in order to sustain and monitor the meticulous planning, growth and progress of the production will only come from with your help via the official Warrior Nun Kickstarter campaign.

As always, there are perks you can earn with your generosity as the next 40 days will determine if whether or not production will move forward next year as planned. There's plenty to check out at the campaign page with all sorts of content to study about the source material, including videos, images and project history, as well as links to the official Warrior Nun website.

Check out an action-packed concept video created with Kris Solek and his team at Film Polska, as well as the campaign video in the player just beneath!


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