Get Ready For A Facelift In The New Action-Packed NSFW Trailer For NILALANG!

Have no illusions about actress and former adult entertainer Maria Ozawa. She's come quite far from her former trade and since adding action movies to her craft, she now has a starring role as a Yakuza princess along side actor Cesar Montano that commands definitively more for her screentime.

For this, we now get a look at the new action horror thriller, Nilalang from director Pedring Lopez and now well into post-production ahead of it's screening at the Metro Manila Film Festival upon its December release. The first trailer has arrived with all the trimmings of a movie that dares to push its fair share of envelopes... or charge at them with a sword, whichever works best.

The story tells of Tony – an NBI agent hot on the trail of a series of rapes and killings that counts, among them, Tony’s girlfriend, Tin. 
With his co-agent, Jane, they follow leads that take them to a meeting with Miyuki, the daughter of Mr. Kazudo – an elder member of the Yakuza. 
Together, they come face-to-face with an enemy that transcends time; and leaves a trail of mindless, cold-blooded crime at its wake.
Murder, bondage, samurai, Yakuza, gunplay...all wrapped in an intriguing millieu that deals in the supernatural, and judging by the footage with Ozawa's potential on full display, I can definitely see why co-star and stunt director Sonny Sison was eager to work on this one.

But above all else, this looks like a solid piece of work so far, host to a diverse cast and a wide linguistic span with all the trimmings. It's dark, gritty, hella violent....Yes, Lopez has done well for himself, and clearly so has Ozawa. I'm sold.

Watch the trailer below as well as two teasers for the festival!

RATED R. Maria Ozawa, Bondange, Samurai, Guns, Skin and Blood in the Official Red Band Trailer of MMFF Entry #NilalangStarring Maria Ozawa and Cesar MontanoDirected by Pedring Lopez.In cinemas CHRISTMAS DAY.#MoviesPH #NilalangMovie#Nilalang2015 #MMFF2015 Viva Entertainment, Inc. Haunted Tower Pictures
Posted by Movies Philippines on Wednesday, October 14, 2015


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