Gareth Evans Finishes Final Script For Gangster Pic, BLISTER

Casting all things aside involving The Raid for the time being, director favorite Gareth Huw Evans has currently been in Wales working on his latest endeavor, Blister. The film already has some action sequences pre-visualized and though the plot is a secret at the moment, past reports show Evans describing it best as a gangster story with a humble nod to Sam Peckinpah and classics like The Wild Bunch.

Considering all Evans has done so far and the favor he's earned with fans, I'd say a film like Blister is in good hands while we await the film's forthcoming production in 2016. That said, Evans has finally annonced the latest completion of the script via Instagram in post you can view below.

Blister may not be the only title Evans will be well into while fans await the prospects of the third and final installation of The Raid franchise, which may keep fans waiting at least until 2018 or so. At any rate, Evans has no problem with changing things up a bit as a filmmaker, which is good for his growth as a director and Blister already sounds like it'll be worth our while when it arrives.


  1. Yes!!! Gareth Evans is the best! Please get Reznor involved in scoring it cause I know Evans is a huge NIN fan :-D


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