French Graphic Novel THE CALL OF THE STRYX Is Heading To Television

There's more action headed for television soon enough with word now from Deadline on the development of French graphic novel adaptation, The Call Of The Stryx. Dune series and Netflix's Residue scribe John Harrison will write the series based on the highly popular Delcourt-Soleil graphic novel franchise for well over 20 years leading up to its U.S. digital release acquition and subsequent release via comiXology this year.
Kevin Nivek, head of the Secret Service and in charge of security for the President of the United States, is fired after an assassination attempt almost succeeds. While investigating what he believes is a conspiracy among the various American intelligence services, he meets Debrah, a mysterious and formidable young woman who works for a secret organization. He learns that for centuries, and from deep in the shadows, the Stryx have influenced human destiny.
“Provocative characters, epic storytelling, exotic locales, and a mythical creature that may not be all that it first appears, what more could I want?” said Harrison of the novel. “Stryx is that rare graphic novel series that is a writers’ dream come true.”

Info on a director, cast and crew and network distributor are currently pending. Stay tuned!


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