Former JC Stuntman Andy Cheng Fights Marko Zaror In The New THE GREEN GHOST Teaser!

Splinter and Filly Brown helmer Michael D. Olmos's new superhero action adventure, The Green Ghost, is starting to build up somewhat of a promotional campaign with a little something extra. In other words, with any luck, the newest 25-second teaser will attach soon to an upcoming wider release of Robert Rodriguez's latest music video featuring Demi Lovato in "Condifent", which should grant even more exposure for Chilean action star and co-star Marko Zaror who also makes an appearance.

In the meantime, the new teaser is below long after the dust settled from the film's ten-minute morsel put on full display in Austin, Texas about a week or so ago at Fantastic Fest. And to boot, we now get a whole ton of action with even more glitzy visuals and new footage, including Zaror at his most evil, glowing eyes and all.

The story of a car salesman who, as a child, was accidentally given superpowers from coming into contact with Aztec crystals and now has to overcome self-doubt in order to utilize those powers to fight off the fabled Lechusa, an Evil Titan of Industry and their gang of supercharged Aztec warriors, hell bent on using the crystals to bring back Montezuma.

The film is currently underway with pick ups before more can go public. In the meantime, the brand new mini-teaser below, and do kindly take note of the fact that next to Cain Velasquez, that's Zaror fighting former Jackie Chan stunt co-hort, actor and stuntman Andy Cheng, which is a real treat seeing as how they've been attempting to collaborate on something since working on The Rundown in 2003 when Zaror was an up-and-coming stuntman.

It's a really short teaser but it offers so damn much to look forward to in the months ahead. Fingers crossed.

Green Ghost- Marko Zaror Teaser
Posted by The Green Ghost on Friday, October 9, 2015


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