Fight Choreographer Olivier Schneider To Adapt Crime Novel, MEURTRES POUR RÉDEMPTION For The Big Screen

With today's growing crop of second unit directors and prominent stunt coordinators like Gary Powell, Chad Stahelski and David Leitch seugueing into directing, its no wonder if whether or not that trend will continue. For this, we now look to stuntman and fight choreographer Olivier Schneider whose brutal, fast and hard hitting sequences can be seen most dominantly in movies like Furious 6, Taken, Safe House and French crime thriller Colt 45.

As of this week, Schneider will be adding filmmaker to his resumé with his feature debut production adapting author Karine Giebel's Flueve-Editions psychological crime novel, Meurtres Pour Rédemption (roughly translated as Killings For Redemption). The film, based on the 2010 publication, centers on Marianne, a 20 year old woman triggered by violence and a drug habit as her only means of escaping the hell she lives day to day within the prison walls, until one day she is released with no way of recirculating back to a normal life, and an unyielding yearning for redemption at its most deadly.

Adam Merims (The Butler, Straight Outta Compton), whose prior credits with Schneider include Safe House and Child 44 will executive produce as per Giebel's Facebook fanpage post this week with a script by Schneider, Giebel, and Pascal Sid, writer of Julien Seri's upcoming French thriller, Night Fare.

Schneider's next adventures in action design will be seen later this month and in November for the respective U.K. and U.S. releases of Daniel Craig's new and likely final 007 installment, Spectre. Stay tuned for more info and specific details with updates to this article pending.

*Special thanks to Anthony Pho and Lawrence Plancel for translating the source material a bit since I can't speak a lick of French.


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