Effects Studio, MastersFX, Boards CAPTAIN POWER Revival

Growing up as a sci-fi fan and watching a good load of television in the late eighties likely led you to shows like Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future. Created by Gary Goddard and Tony Christopher, the show starred actor Tim Dunigan in the title role as the leader of a squad of 22nd century soldiers that transformed into super-suited commandos with high-tech weaponry to defend mankind against Lord Dread and his evil machine empire.

The show drew good numbers as a potential to sell toys as well as entertain fans prior to branching out from a live-action series to an animated TV show and television film. Ultimately the series only lasted one season before getting cancelled for a number of reasons, including parent groups citing the show's violence and the need for SAG and WGA residuals to name a few, and as of 2012, Goddard is said to have been developing a serial revival in the form of Phoenix Rising with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens scripting.

Alas, updates have otherwise remained quiet, leaving to question if the show was going to happen at all. This week, a new report from Deadline provided just the answer with the involvement of MastersFX, the visual effects and prosthetics studio behind films and shows like Robocop, Star Trek: First Contact and the hit HBO show, True Blood. The report cites Phoenix Rising as just one of the several shows the company has on its work slate between now and next year, including CW series, The 100, iZombie, The Flash and Arrow, NBC's original series revival, Heroes Reborn, and Amazon’s November 20 premiere, The Man In The High Castle.

Stay tuned for more info.


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