DINO RIDERS Is In The Works From Solipsist And Mattel

The 80's have been a goldmine for children entertainment. Toys and tv shows ran rampant for merchandising and Tyco was one of the biggest. What I'm specifically talking about is Dino Riders and for those who are old enough to remember, these were really badass toys. There is nothing more symbolic of the 80's kid toys than it was to add futuristic armor to dinosaurs and give them laser guns.

Well, since we are in the age of rehashing and rebooting, why not take this concept and try to make it to a movie? That is what producers are aiming for right now but there are no news of it being picked up by any studio.

via The Tracking Board:
Solipsist Film and Mattel have teamed up in order to bring some competition to Hasbro’s Transformers franchise. A DINO-RIDERS movie is in development, with Alissa Phillips and Stephen L’Heureux producing for Solipsist.
For those of you who may require a recap of the Dino-Riders mythology: In a futuristic war, the evolved human race known as the Valorians are trying to save the galaxy from Krulos and his army of mixed-species Rulons. In an effort to escape a Rulon onslaught, Questar, the leader of the Valorians, turns on a machine that takes them all back in time to prehistoric Earth. Once there, the war continues with the Valorians using their psychic abilities to convince dinosaurs to aid them, and the Rulons using machinery to enslave dinosaurs to fight for them. The series was originally developed in a marketing effort to sell a line of Tyco toys (now owned by Mattel) by the same name.
It doesn't seem like a bad idea though, there have been a lot of franchises being remade for the current gen; and having laser gunning armored dinosaurs along side Jurassic World doesn't seem like a bad thing. What do you think? Comment below or on our Facebook page!


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