DIE HARD: YEAR ONE Is In The Works At Fox, Len Wiseman To Direct

I don't have much else to add on the Die Hard franchise seeing as how the fifth one damn near put me to sleep throughout the whole act, but I am looking forward to what lies ahead for a possible sixth film. That said, previous efforts left us with the prospect of actor Bruce Willis being re-introduced to the franchise's roots dating back to the Nakatomi Corporarion, originally introduced in the first film.

I haven't really kept up with the updates since then, but apparently the project is now being re-developed by Fox as the tentatively-titled Die Hard: Year One, based on a pitch from filmmaker Len Wiseman to Lorenzo di Bonaventura. Deadline reports a screenwriter is currently being sought after for the film which will, instead, leave room for Willis to appear with another actor to portray classic action hero John McClaine in his younger iteration as a New York police officer.

Wiseman previously directed Live Free Or Die Hard which I managed to stay awake for enjoyed upon its release in 2007. I'm not at all certain how this one will turn out though, but it's worth discussing nonetheless for a franchise as beloved as this one.

Willis is also on the way with a slate of other titles, including Steven C. Miller's Extraction and the current production of heist thriller, Maurauders, as well as Max Adams's Precious Cargo and the Mel Gibson-produced Chinese war epic, The Bombing for next year. Wiseman's own prospects as of late include his attachment as writer and producer of Anna Foerster's Underworld: Next Generation, which is already underway in Prague.


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