Check Out Some More BTS Footage From Upcoming Superhero Short, ZAMBO DENDE

Director Riccardo Gabrielli R's live-action 7G Comics shortfilm adaptation, Zambo Dende, is slow to pass but well on the way as we speak. In the meantime, with the Fall season approaching about a year since cameras rolled at the Fox Telecolombia studio lot in Bogotá, Colombia, we have a bit more behind the scene footage offering a look at action Marko Zaror, front and center, as well as much the green-screened set.

Zambo Dende, granted as more of a proof-of-concept to pitch as a potential feature in the not-too-distant future, is the brainchild of creator Nicolas Rodriguez, with a story focused on Azuk, a slave child who would grow up to discover his noble roots and become a symbol of hope for the oppressed slaves of 16th century Latin America. None other than Zaror leads point on this inspired take on the 7G publication with plenty of momentum on its hands to introduce a broader spectrum of superheroes to the global comic book niche.

Also starring are Michelle Lee, Tait Fletcher, Esteban Cueto and the late Darren Shahlavi among the esteemed cast also viewable in the poster album beneath the player below.

Zambo Dende


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