Cengiz Dervis Is Out For Answers In The New Teaser For BY ANY NAME

UK actor and combat expert Cengiz Dervis has gotten a mention or two on this blog and others as well in the past year. Shortfilms like Drake and the currently circulating London Hood are just a few next to other you can find online next to his feature titles, one of which now comes from debut director Euros Jones-Evans for the new action thriller, By Any Name.

The film hails from its No. 1 bestselling print by author Kathrine John which centers on an amesiac in search of answers as he holds a woman captive while at the center of a massive manhunt in Wales. John's book had already published at the time with Tanabi Film Group leading the initiative to invest in film production in Swansea, Wales, an opportune thing with a few other projects also having made headway there as of late.

Bollywood actress Samira Mohammed Ali and actor Dan Richardson also star and while we await further info on screenings and dates, the first teaser is now online and you can view it below.

By Any Name teaser trailer

EXCLUSIVE: New teaser trailer for the British action thriller By Any Name based on the No.1 best-seller by Catrin Collier starring Cengiz Dervis and Samira Mohamed Ali

Posted by Tanabi on Friday, October 16, 2015


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