BLACKOUT Sets 'Need For Speed' Helmer To Direct

Director Scott Waugh has developed quite the audience for himself with the 2012 the Act Of Valor, and last year's game adaptation, Need For Speed, details and specifics notwithstanding. That stated, it was enough for him to keep getting gigs, now including the new action thriller, Blackout, from Sierra Affinity.

Deadline reports that Waugh will be at the helm with a script by Sidney King and tweaks by Brooks McLaren, which focuses on a cop who is put to the ultimate test when the city loses power as he's transporting a mysterious criminal. Broken Road is also joining the company in producing the film with Sierra/Affinity's own Kelly McCormick overseeing the production for the company which is also backing its latest production, The Coldest City, in Budapest with David Leitch at the helm.

Waugh is also on board with Thunder Road and Fundamental Films's own military drama, Outlaws, Inc. from writer and Banshee co-creator David Schickler as of September.

Stay tuned!


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