A Live-Action Feature Adap Of First Person Shooter, CROSSFIRE, Is In The Works At Original Film

Megahit producer Neal Moritz is already attached to a slew of titles, including a Highlander reboot and the April 2017 installation of Fast And Furious 8. In the meantime, he continues to have his work cut out for him, including a new adaptation of the popular 2007 first-person shooter, Crossfire.

The game hails from South Korea's own Smilegate Group with a reported 60 million concurrent users and up to 400 million registered players in 80 countries, and a place in Forbes as Top Earning Free-To-Play Game in 2013. Variety reports Smilegate chose to place their faith in Moritz's Original Film banner after deliberating with a number of offers, in an effort to help embolden the game into an action packed feature film with all the trimmings, and franchise potential to boot.
CROSSFIRE is an authentic military-themed FPS where two rival factions, Global Risk and Black List, with opposing world view engage in armed conflict around the world.  
Global Risk is an international private military organization that strives to fight for their own justice by helping the weak and refusing jobs that go against their beliefs.  
Black List is a terrorist organization that’s willing to terrorize anything in sight. Only thing that matters to them is money. If the money’s right then nothing is impossible for them.
There's no start date or cast and crew info as of yet, but judging by the sample footage below, Crossfire should be a stellar hit if done right. Check it out below:


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