A Feature Film Is In The Works For Hit Cinemax Series, STRIKE BACK

You have to give it up to cable television, because their programming standards are set way beyond the family friendly millieu of other local TV networks. So when you look at a show like the hit Cinemax series, Strike Back, you really are looking at one of the most intense and substantive action shows in the history of television, and that's far from anything you would deem as an exaggeration.

The show, based on the title novel by former SAS soldier Chris Ryan, ran up to five seasons this year since 2011 starring Phillip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton in the respective roles of a British and American soldier - two reluctantly-partnered members of a secret counterterrorism unit working for the British government to take on high-risk missions and foil deadly international plots by the world's most elusive foes. The series has very much evolved in all of its layers from the cast and overall atmosphere throughout the storyline with each relationship deeply affected through triumph and tragedy, with this last season this year foreseeing what's been hyped as the final mission for our heroes of Section 20 as they take on a North Korean terrorist played cunningly by the legendary Michelle Yeoh.

At this rate, whatever this means for the show, it may not necessarily mean the end. Word from EW now brings the hopeful prospects of a feature film from London-based Left Bank Pictures and Sky Media. The production is currently in talks to bring Cinemax on board with the likely return of Winchester and Stapleton for production to commense in South America should a deal be met.

I couldn't be more happier for this news with such an amazing storyline and line-up of characters. There's been a few in this series who have tragically departed and I absolutely hate that this may well factor into what lies ahead for the potential film, but I sincerely hope this lends an opportunity to perfectly build on what's been a hugely fun and exciting TV run.

If you've missed out on this show at all in the last several years, I really don't know what you're doing with your life. The show is perpetual, consistent and perfectly paced amid the necessary character development, action suspense, drama, levity, and sex (LOTS of it...Sully's been a busy bee in this department, and if you watch the show, again, no exaggeration there).

Both lead actors are currently off to a great start with their own respective TV shows on NBC, with Winchester opposite Wesley Snipes in the Vegas-set thriller, The Player, and Stapleton in the Jaimie Alexander-led Blindspot.

Check back for details.


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