Watch The New Trailer For Chiba Seiji's NINJA HUNTER!

Imagine you're a ninja, suddenly awake with no memory, surrounded by dozens of dead ninjas, and the only clues you have are images of female ninja who also happens to be dead...and to top it off, you're already in the middle of a ninja war! What do you do?

That's the question Chiba Seiji asks with actor Mimoto Masanori leading the cast for the new action thriller, Ninja Hunter, and in full display of just the sort of ninja action and spectacle you could expect from the director who brought you Kunoichi and Alien VS. Ninja in recent history. Having made its film festival run in the past year, the film is finally heading to Japan cinemas on October 24, and we now have a new trailer this week to share below!

In 1581 during a grueling feud between 2 ninja clans, Tao, a ninja from the Iga Clan, wakes up with amnesia. 40 ninjas lie dead in front of him and off to one side lies a dead female ninja. He doesn't remember how and why he got there. His assignment is to retrieve a document that will reveal the traitor's identity. Who killed all the ninjas? Is one of them the traitor? Little by little Tao solves the mystery.
Also starring are Bushido Man star Koga Mitsugi, and Tokyo Legends 2 co-star, actress Kurokawa Mei. Watch the brand new trailer below!


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