Watch The Fantastic New Trailer For Garo Spin-Off, BIKI: YAMIGIRINOCHI!

Director Amemiya Keita's latest induction to the Garo cineverse, Biku: Yamgirinochi is arriving in stellar fashion for the Tokusatsu fanbase. With the 10th anniversary of the series looming in October, Biku: Yamigirinochi will follow a month after with a select release planned for November 14, spun-off from the recent Makai no Hana series with actress and J-idol Akimoto Sayaka front and center.

This week, a new trailer is now circlating following an earlier teaser this summer, and it speaks of sheer energy for its fitting leading actress, with special effects and amazing fight action that fully showcase Akimoto in her element as the heroine of the film.

via Tokyo Otaku Mode:
The film follows Makai Priestess Biku who hunts down fallen Makai Knights and Priests to dispel their dead bodies of any darkness. Biku is ordered by a member of the Senate, Dachi, to confirm if a Makai Priest named Usami has fallen into darkness or not. Biku uses her magic to enter Usami’s mind, but what she finds is completely unexpected. Biku, unsettled by what she finds about Usami’s mental state, seeks guidance from a higher Makai Priest. This is where Biku’s story begins.
Taking into consideration a number of people who probably don't follow Tokusatsu as much as they want to or should, when it comes to Tokusatsu and what they should follow most, I've had friends only ever tell me one-word: Garo. And with such a sprawling package of shows and films to its name, it's easy to see why. Ten years and counting? Who can argue with that??

Watch the trailer below!


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