The New Trailer For SIAM YUTH: THE DAWN OF THE KINGDOM Comes Out Swinging

Actor Thanawut Kessaro has been pretty busy this year catering to crowds in the wake of his latest directorial debut, Siam Yuth: The Dawn Of The Kingdom. Kessaro, who previously starred in Samurai Ayothaya (a.k.a. Muay Thai Samurai) joins a cast led by Than Thanakorn and Thira Chutikul with a story of two homeless musician brothers who get caught in the throes of a kingdom in rebellion against a corrupt prince.

The film is reportedly due to hit local Thai cinemas this Friday (or if the IMDb page is anything to go by, then sometime in October), but we already have a few teasers and trailers circulating online. The latest one is below and certainly doesn't pull back its intentions with the first shot of a head getting stomped in the mud, to which I add: Ouch.

You can certainly tell this is a concerted effort with plenty of layers of intensity, action, drama and brutality for a period martial arts and war piece and hopefully we'll learn more about this one in the months ahead with some international bearing. For now, watch the trailer below and feel free to absorb it for yourself.


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