THE GATE: Help Crowdfund The New Amy Johnston And Yayan Ruhian Action Series Pitch!

Concept art via Kickstarter
Surf the internet long enough with a craving for quality martial arts action and you're bound to come across some of the best and brightest ever to hit the business end of a camera, and most of the content you see is free and viral for all netizens to enjoy. Take this in comparison to the multitude of action shows on television which normally cast actors who are trained long enough to look convincing on screen, and while the formula often proves viabale for the networks, it still leaves a lot wondering for those minding how genuine screen-friendly athletes could achieve the same successes they continue to exemplify through online independent mediums.

It's certainly something that filmmaker Kellie Madison has been wondering in the wake of momentum drawn to actress and stuntwoman Amy Johnston, followed by Madison's own fondness for Pencak Silat as portrayed in the 2011 Indo-action crime hit, The Raid, and it's co-starring villain played by actor Yayan Ruhian. With this, Johnston, whose credits include Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as well as web projects like Kung Fu Femmes and the electrifying Epic Rival/Thousand Pounds action show pilot, Clandestine, is just the person Madison is now relying on with Ruhian to help manifest her latest idea for a grand new television show action fans can truly be proud of with the current Kickstarter campaign for The Gate, following last week's stunning announcement!

Concept art via Facebook
CASSIE WESTON (played by Amy Johnston) is a world champion MMA fighter and master of the ancient Indonesian martial art form- PENCAK SILAT. When possessed by an angelic force, Cassie gains extraordinary abilities that she uses to fight crime in New Orleans as a super heroine and avenge her mother’s tragic death. 
The series chronicles Cassie's childhood days when her and her sister, Kate, are forced to the streets after a Haitian Voodoo Cult Leader sells their drug addicted mother into sex slavery and her mother dies tragically. Cassie then makes it her life’s mission to become a vigilante crime-fighter to rid the world of the evil that killed her mother. When Indonesian crime lord, EKO KUWAT- aka RAFAEL (played by Yayan Ruhian- The Raid: Redemption) gets word of her bestowed angelic powers, he quick becomes Cassie’s worst enemy.
The project, to be filmed as a six-minute pitch for network TV potential, also combines the shared screenfighting prowess between Johnston and Ruhian with that of the online hit stunt team, EMC Monkeys. With this and all other matters in mind, this latest endeavor for Madison will not be an inexpensive one for the funds it needs to pay for all matters of production costs, food and catering services, as well as fees for all the performers involved.

Furthermore, Madison and her team plan to help turn The Gate into an epic graphic novel with the strech goals they could reach should support continue onward beyond the current goal. The are more details about the project at the Kickstarter page where you can view a campaign sizzle trailer, as well as the listed perks you can earn for each donation amount. Head over there now and support The Gate today!


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