The Criminal Underworld Doesn't Let Go Easy In The First JUVANA 2 Teaser

Four years from its roots as an award-winning television series, director Faisal Ishak signature work on the evolution of the Malaysian YA crime drama franchise, Juvana, can be considered a staple for success among its filmmaking ilk. Its 2013 film adaptation grows further for its fanbase with actors Zahiril Adzim and Johan As'ari among its principal cast and a narrative centered on the harsh upbringing in life for troubled young men on either sides of the jail bars.

That narrative continues as of next month for the October 29 release of Juvana 2, along with the promise of a third set for sometime next year. Many familiar and new faces are lined-up for this next installment, including Malaysia-based Laksamana Stunt Team's own Riki Rikando, and industry-certified stunt director Ayez Shaukat Fonseca also co-starring, and you can read more about Fonseca and his endeavors by clicking here. In the meantime, enjoy the first teaser below as we slowly approach the film's release!

Botak (Johan Asari) and Ayam (Adam Shah) are released early from the juvenile facility based on good behavior. Freedom had always been something that that they dream of. Apek, was however denied release, and he asked Ayam to take care of his siblings until he gets out. Just as the boys wanted a fresh, clean, start - Apek's younger brother is involved in a team of gangsters led by a mysterious man named, Tok Ki (Pekin Ibrahim). Ayam and Botak reunites with Gajah (Riki Rikando Idris), Komeng and the rest of the Juvana gang to fulfill Apek's wishes to help save his brother from the mess he got into. Meanwhile, Cikgu Raja (Hasnul Rahmat) who had been released from prison, together with his strong and silent right hand man, Shah (Ayez Shaukat Fonseka) has something brewing...

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Posted by Juvana on Friday, September 18, 2015


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