Stuntman Lin Oeding To Direct Jason Momoa Actioner, BRAVEN

A little bit of Googling will send you a little action experiment by director Sheldon Schwartz. Hopefully you've managed to check it out and if not, you can do so here and catch some really cool action sequences directed by none other than seasoned stuntman and stunt coordinator, Lin Oeding.

With credits like Olympus Has Fallen, The Equalizer, Ant-Man and Straight Outta Compton to his name on top of the dozens more listed on his IMDb page, you can safely say that Oeding has built himself a resumè worthy enough to land him in the director's chair. As such, with three directorial short film credits to his name, his latest feature-length prospects have prospects have finally arrived.

THR reports that Momoa will star in the new action thriller, Braven, with Oeding at the helm. Conceived by Mike Nilon and written by Thomas Pa’a Sibbett, Braven will depict the story of what happens when a gang of deadly drug runners on the U.S./Canadian border confront an unassuming logger and family man whose killer instincts are more than what they bargained for.

Momoa and his team are also producing the film under his Pride Of Gypsies banner as Highland Film Group will positions itself for the film's representation at TIFF 2015 next week.

Momoa and Oeding also have a bit of a shared history with Warner Bros.'s DC cinematic universe with the latter serving as stuntman on Man Of Steel; both are now credited repsectively as co-star and stunt performer with Momoa debuting the first of several appearances as Aquaman in next year's Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Stay tuned for more info.


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