SACRILEGE: Grant Stevens To Star In Phillip Ray Tommy's Fantasy Action Debut!

The independent scene strikes once again this week, and all at the behest of actor, stuntman and debut director, Phillip Ray Tommy. His newest labor of martial arts, horror and sci-fi fanfare from Phrato Entertainment, Sacrilege, just filmed a concept trailer starring with debut lead actor and martial artist, Grant Stevens in the role of Ash, who gets caught between the forces of good and evil after being gifted with an otherworldly power to avenge the death of his beloved.

The emergence of an ancient power source leads a young man on a journey of self discovery and into a confrontation that will scar the Earth and shake the very heavens above.

Ash (Grant Steven) is a young man whose life is torn apart after the woman he loves is murdered. He is approached by a mysterious figure, The Trickster (David Ajala) who offers Ash the abilities to punish those who have wronged him.

Unfortunately for Ash, his newfound abilities come at a great cost with threats on several fronts. With his human body unable to contain such power as it slowly consumes him, and other supernatural forces now converging on Earth to secure the power source for their own gains, a deadly game of cat and mouse in which there will be no winners...
This isn't the first time I've shared Steven on the blog so it's rather awesome to see him attached to something as ambitious as this. Moreover, with Tommy recently wrapping work on MGM's Ben Hur remake and Guy Ritchie's Knights Of The Round Table for Warner Bros., the concept trailer for Sacrilege now brings more promise with plans to begin filming later this year through early 2016 prior to a possible Summer/Fall 2016 release.

Adam Basil, Thomas Billings, Oliver Mayo, Katie Griffiths and Gabrielle Patricia Killick also star with an action design team that is sure to guarantee this one as an amazing action gem. Take a look at the concept trailer below as well as the latest artwork!

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