ROAD HOUSE Gets A Remake With Ronda Rousey Starring

We're pretty much witnessing a great moment in history for female-centric action, particularly for anyone fond of Furious Seven and Expendables 3 co-star, actress and reigning UFC champion Ronda Rousey. Her career is in full bloom inside and outside the ring with several films in current development, and there's no question though that Rousey's interactivity plays an integral role in what she gets involved in, as the latest news from Variety now suggests pertaining to her involvment in an upcoming remake of director Rowdy Herrington's 1989 bar room brawler, Road House.
Michael Stokes last turned in a script draft in 2013 for The Fast And The Furious and Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story helmer Rob Cohen to direct, inspired by the original in which actor Patrick Swayze portrays James Dalton, a bouncer hired to reinforce the security in Missouri's most eruptive bar, The Double Deuce, only to come to blows with the town's most notorious businessman. Apart from its 2006 direct-to-video sequel, the film went on to become a major cult classic for Swayze in the years leading up to and after his tragic passing from cancer in 2009. His widow, Lisa Niemi, reportedly gave Rousey her blessing when the actress brought the news forward, stating she wanted to be respectful to the original film and its star.

MGM will reportedly meet with screenwriters next month to roll cameras next year while the actress, who next fights Holly Holm this November, maintains her professional acting and fighting career, with upcoming biopic My Fight/Your Fight, The Athena Project at Warner Bros., and the Jakarta-set Mile 22 from STX Entertainment.

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