Miesha Tate Hits The Bags In A Promo For FIGHT VALLEY

MMA fans looking to see what Miesha Tate looks like in front of a camera with a debut acting role will gladly get the chance in director Rob Hawk's new martial arts drama, Fight Valley. Filming still has at least three days left before with post-production anyway, and a teaser could very well show up as early as the first or second week of October.

Until then, plans are already underway for a sequel with release dates for both films tentatively set for December 7, 2015 and June 6, 2016, respectively. In the meantime, the production has a new promo set video with Tate mixing it up on the bags to whet the appetite a little bit until more can be unveiled next month and in the weeks following.

When Tory Coro turns up dead, the neighborhood turns up silent. Rumor has it she became yet another victim of the streets of FIGHT VALLEY. Tory’s sister Windsor moves to town to begin her own investigation on her sister’s mysterious death.  
She’s quick to learn that Tory fought for money, just to make ends meet. If girl-next-door Windsor is going to survive her journey in FIGHT VALLEY to find the truth about Tory, she’s going to have to fight . 
“Jabs” (Miesha Tate) swore she would never throw a punch in the Valley again. Jabs now finds herself training Windsor to survive the painful, unexpected path she’s about to take. Every corner. Every alley. Every doorway. She must follow the last footsteps of her sister in order to come face-to-face with Tory’s killer in FIGHT VALLEY.
Tate is joined by Susie Celek and Chelsea Durkalec with UFC contenders Holly Holm and Cristiane Justiano also starring. Development on the sequel has also begun with a search for fighting and acting talent with a script set in Los Angeles, so anyone out in the West Coast looking to join in can contact the production at @moviemaker4life on Twitter or visit the official website for more info.


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