Like Its Title Character, A ROBOCOP Sequel Still Has A Fighting Chance

Pic Source: Robocop Archive
R-rated classics from the 80's and 90's are all the rave for the average action junkie, and the same goes for Paul Verohoeven's 1987 cyborg action cop thriller, Robocop. Needless to say, director Jose Padilha's 2014 reboot for Sony with actor Joel Kinnaman didn't exactly pan out well with its domestic U.S. release having earned a little over half of its $100 million dollar budget.

That said, foreign markets did aid in giving the film its extra earning muscle to more than double its budget, which is slightly telling of how optional sequels are for similar films in today's climate. Apparently the same goes for Sony according to the latest word from Den Of Geek who are now saying that sequel plans are neither a priority nor dead for that matter, with the likelihood of a Chinese co-production should the film move forward.

Verohoeven's R-rated hit foretold the story of Detroit police officer Alex Murphy, killed in the line of duty and reawakened as the future of law enforcement, only to discover courrption at the highest levels of the corporation that built him. Padilha's PG-13 revamp last year reinterpreted the same story with many changes that didn't necessarily hurt the film's delivery in its entirely, only certain aspects of it that were unnecessary to say the least.

Personally, I'm glad a sequel is still being mulled over as I initially hoped one would still happen. Let's hope Sony and the producers work a little harder to live up to the memorable and iconic standard that made the original film the cult classic it is.


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