Kitano Takeshi Makes His Villainous Entry In The New Trailer For MOZU

Director Eiichiro Hasumi's newest action crime pic, Mozu is just months away from its November theatrical release following production wrap and an initial teaser earlier this year. This week we ge our latest look at an intense new trailer that speaks volumes of its source material as it amps things up from its television predecessors and the 1986 novel they're all based on, and fot this, we also meet the incomparable Kitano Takeshi chewing things up a bit as the central villain. I'm pretty sure I'm sold.

Set six months after Naotake (Hidetoshi Nishijima) learned the truth behind his wife's death. Naotake works for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau, but feels worn out. Ryota (Teruyuki Kagawa) quit the police force due to his distrust of the department and now runs a private detective office.  
An occupation and explosion case takes place simultaneously with an embassy attack. The attacks are orchestrated by crime planner Takayanagi (Yusuke Iseya) and assassin Gondo (Tori Matsuzaka) under the name of mysterious figure Daruma (Takeshi Kitano).
Mozu hits the screens in Japan on November 7. Watch the new trailer right now!


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