JAM With Bryan Sloyer This Friday For A Special Balintawak Cuentada Seminar!

Read the weekly Hit List enough and you'll see at least one name mentioned time and again, and that is of independent filmmaker, actor and stuntman Bryan Sloyer. He's gotten continually sharp in his methods when it comes to his resumé of experimental concepts for action choreography and storytelling in short form, and hopefully the momentum will play a larger role in many of his upcoming gigs both on and off set.

That said, this Friday at the Reseda-based freerunning and martial arts gym, Joining All Movement, Sloyer will be hosting a special Balintawak Cuentada seminar for Escrima enthusiasts. An experienced martial artist since the age of fifteen, Sloyer himself has been a purveyor of Filipino martial arts dabbling in many styles of Escrima with Cuentada serving as the flexible medium of his tutelage and growing wealth of knowledge by his teacher, Jeff Soriano under Grandmaster Bobby Taboada.

"...The concepts in all Balintawak styles are the same" said Sloyer when we spoke on the subject a little over a year ago. "Pure Balintawak, in summation, simply means true and purely just balintawak style stick playing and techniques, without any universally known escrima technique thrown in the mix."

Make note of the flyer just above with the date and times mentioned and follow JAM on Facebook for more updates!


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