IP MAN 3 Punches In On A Christmas Release This Year!

Who says Christmas doesn't come early?

Minding the aforememtioned initial poster which actor and action star Donnie Yen shared earlier this year, Yen fans and sudden overnight practioners of Wing Chun can now revel in the comfort of a December 25, 2015 release of director Wilson Yip's Ip Man 3. A trailer is expected by the week of September 30 with a script by Edmond Wong and Yen returning one last time to portray the late great martial arts Grandmaster who spent a huge morsel of his life training the one and only Bruce Lee during his upbringing away from the U.S..

It's rather sobering as well with Yen having been teasing an exit away from action movies for a while now even though he's still knowingly attached to a few more, so I guess we'll never know when that happens until it does. For now, after immortalizing the cinematic persona of the late Grandmaster to global fanfare and approval in two films since 2008, he's got one last hoorah left and this time it's opposite S.P.L. 2: A Time For Consequences co-lead Max Zhang and former heavyweight boxing champion-cum-actor Mike Tyson, in addition to what may or may not be an actor in some CGI-hybrid iteration of the late Bruce himself depending on how all this turned out.

With the trailer approaching, the next 23 days are all that matter, so let the countdown begin, and feel free to view the latest handful of stills apparently going viral as of today.

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