Get A Look At Tong Po And The Sloane Brothers In A New KICKBOXER: VENGEANCE Set Pic

If there was ever a more poignant moment for martial arts fans, it would be in view of the latest set photo taken last year upon the U.S. segment of production for In The Blood helmer John Stockwell's new film, Kickboxer: Vengeance. Stuntman and martial artist Alain Moussi makes his acting debut in the film and shared a new set photo this week alongside actor Dave Bautista resurrecting the role of iconic villain, Tong Po, with the latest look at late actor Darren Shahlavi since his untimely death back in January.

Shahlavi and Moussi reprise the respective roles of Eric and Kurt Sloane, rebooting the 1989 tornament thriller with its original star, Jean-Claude Van Damme now filling in Dennis Chan's shoes as the mentor who that helps train Kurt to avenge the death of his brother, Eric, at the hands of the villainous Tong Po, played by Bautista. Sara Malakul Lane, Georges St. Pierre and Gina Carano also star with The Martial Arts Kid co-stars T.J. Storm and Matthew Ziff.

Filming has since wrapped in Thailand back in July for the film's likely 2016 release.


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