Gareth Evans's BLISTER Is Still On The Way, Plans To Shoot In Early 2016

As far as we know, any updates have been off the radar for director Gareth Huw Evans following the above photo signaling the pre-production of his latest film, Blister, back in February. The hype stemming from last year's electric release of The Raid 2 had settled by then as the latter part of 2014 saw Evans' cohorts, Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif Rahman branch out into other things, and much to the delight of fans with projects like Beyond Skyline, Yakuza Apocalypse and 3, with many more slated to arrive in due time.

That said, Blister is still on the way with Evans having moved back home to the U.K. where the film will likely be set. As per his latest tweet, Evans is almost done preparing the script in which earlier hints have described it a contemporary gangster film with nods to The Wild Bunch. The film may also be Evans's latest tentative move away from the martial arts genre which is something he's made clear in recent years about wanting to do aside from working on the The Raid 3, the long-expected finale of its titular franchise which is obviously chock-filled with martial arts action.

Early 2016 is the current goal for the start date of production for Blister, and not that Evans's latest post on Instagram means anything about all this, but have to wonder!


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