Epic Projectile Battles Loom In The Latest Teaser For ALGOJO

Indonesian cinema is back on the map as impressive as it's been with its ever-increasing production value on various films. Meet director Rudi Soedjarwo, a veteran of 15 years whose whose latest sci-fi action endeavor, Algojo (Executioner) from Integrated Film Solution, marks somewhat of a new beginning for his career in new age filmmaking.

Actor Darius Sinathrya leads the film which has already garnered headlines in the past year, centered on one man's mission to take on corruption and evil. Somehow, this involves epic battles with various projectiles amid raining fireballs in a what looks like a hell-on-earth fight for mankind according to a new teaser circulating this month, but it looks great and symbolic of something potentially noteworthy beyond its ambition.

Check it out below and lets hope this one gets some more traction in the weeks ahead.


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