Christopher Nolan Reportedly Helping Turn AKIRA Into A Trilogy

Courtesy of Toho
Filmmaker and producer Christopher Nolan recently announced that he has a new untitled film set to open on July 21, 2017. As of this week, Den of Geek has at least one theory with news that Nolan has boarded the long-gestating live-action adaptation of the classic sci-fi manga, Akira, and has met with a certain director that was once attached to helm the film within the last thirteen years of the film's development.

The report states that the goal may be a trilogy with Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way banner producing the Warner Bros. film from a script by Daredevil season two co-scribe Marco J. Ramirez. The 1982 Kodansha publication by creator Otomo Katsuhiro and the 1988 anime film that followed focused on two members of a biker gang, childhood friends Kaneda and Tetsuo, living in post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo who find themselves embroiled in government corruption and secrecy when a military experiment turns Tetsuo into a psionic madman. 

Akira is long considered a staple of Japanese science fiction, cyberpunk and action entertainment culture, in addition to adding to much of Otomo's acclaim as one of the most prolific innovators in the world of film and entertainment.

Non-Stop and Run All Night helmer Jaume Collet-Serra is just one of several directors that have been in the running to helm the film. With Collet-Serra already long out of the project following his last two films, that leaves off some possibilities, but could that include Nolan as well? Who knows?


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