Amy Johnston And Yayan Ruhian To Star In Kellie Madison's THE GATE

The age of martial arts in television continues with word from City On Fire of a new teaser pitch for the planned series, The Gate. The Tank and The Caul helmer Kellie Madison is directing the teaser pitch with actress and stuntwoman Amy Johnson set to lead with Indonesian import, The Raid franchise co-star Yayan Ruhian.

The series' theme will reportedly focus on the story of an angel who embraces her power to battle forces of darkness. Johnston has been slowly blooming as a stand out actress with a natural knack for screenfighting and stunt performance talent with accumulative credits in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Iron Man 3, and the upcoming Marvel adaptation at Fox, Deadpool, in addition to her lead role in Epic Rival's pilot pitch, Clandestine.

The Gate, while definitely befitting for film material, definitely fits the mold for television and serves as an excellent platform for martial artists and stunt performers, many of whom service viewing netizens on any number of web projects. It's ultimately what helped propel Johnston to leading lady status in her upcoming debut with Kiss Of The Dragon helmer Chris Nahon's upcoming tournament thriller, Lady Bloodfight, and with a multitude of networks bolstering with martial arts-oriented shows of their own, in these times, it makes sense.

It's also worth noting this as yet another in a series of recent successes for Ruhian since gaining traction with appearances in all of director Gareth Evan's films, including followng the 2010 action drama, Merantau, as well as recent local films, Anggy Umbara's Comic 8: Casino Kings and the new action drama, Gangster; His latest appearance will be in Miike Takashi's U.S. release of Yakuza Apocalypse in October prior to next year's sci-fi reunion with Iko Uwais, Beyond Skyline starring Frank Grillo.

Inarguably, The Gate is what will help open even more doors for shows ripe with martial arts action for a genre that continues to live on. Thank you, Bruce.

Stay tuned for more info. 


  1. oh please don't mention that scam of kickstart show know as Clandestine when referencing Amy johnston she deserves better

  2. It wasn't a scam at all. It was an experimental pilot that Epic Rival and TP had every intention of making happen. Just takes time, and even Amy herself is still behind it 100%.

  3. yeah sure (sarcasm whit a wink) but i think 2 years is more than enough hell i've seen people do more with less... all in all these guys have great talent but know understanding of what to do and not to do especially when you star a kickstarter fund to get away from the hollywood machine only to sign a deal that forbids you from releasing content

    1. Things are different when you're indie and you don't have control over what happens in the mainstream. The guys at TP and Epic Rival went to several representatives and networks to pitch the concept. The rest is out of their hands, so it's entirely up to whomever shares an interest. If I were you, I would take these grievances up with TP and Epic Rival for further inquiry. They all have fan pages.


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