Alexander Nevsky Kicks Ass With Don "The Dragon" Wilson And More In The New International Teaser For SHOWDOWN IN MANILA!

Actor and action star Mark Dacascos's is kicking off future prospects next year in great fashion with his directorial debut, Showdown In Manila. Dacascos joins Russian action star and producer, actor Alexander Nevsky with plans to release the film in 2016, and with a stellar cast action fans won't fail to recognize in what appears to be another meaty foray geared toward audiences nostalgic of memorable 80's and 90's action cinema fanfare.

Set in Manila and the province of Palawan in the Philippines, Craig Hamman wrote the script with a story putting Nevsky's character back into action following a local murder that forces him to confront the dark past he once tried to bury. Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Olivier Gruner, Casper Van Dien, Matthias Hues, Tia Carerre and Cary Tagawa round out the cast with action design by Grandmaster Al Dacascos, whose implementation of Filipino martial arts was a paramount topic in my recent interview with local stunt director and Hollywood stuntman, Sonny Sison.

"FMA was a definite influence on the fights Sifu Al and I created for Cynthia Rothrock and Olivier Gruner..." said Sison. "Both of them picked it up easily and really sold it on camera...".

Check out the international trailer below and stay tuned for more info!


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