Zahler's BONE TOMAHAWK Gets U.S. Distribution Ahead Of Fantastic Fest

For fans of westerns and horrors, namely anything with actor Kurt Russell in it, the prospect of watching two Westerns come out in one year is simply amazing. This, with particular regard to the latest news regarding S. Craig Zahler's latest mid-19th century western horror flick, Bone Tomahawk, is worth noting as folks in Austin await the film's first-wave premiere at Fantastic Fest later next month.

The new film joins Russell - co-star of Quentin Tarantino's own upcoming film, The Hateful Eight, with actors Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox and actress Jena Malone among its cast in the story of a crippled rancher who joins a team of gunmen to rescue his wife and other helpless settlers of Bright Hope from a band of cannibals. This sort of thing should be pleasing to the eye and very likely will be, and with that in mind, the trades are actually lending some good news pertaining to the film's release with word that RLJ Entertainment has acquired North American and Canadian distribution rights to the film.

Hopefully later news will be expedient with a trailer and possible release dates very soon as events at Fantastic Fest go underway through the first week of October. Check back for further info.


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