This New Clip From THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED Gives Me Hope!

I have to say, I wasn't really impressed with how the fight choreography is being sold in the current trailers for director Camille Delamarre's second outing, The Transporter Refueled. The film is coming out on September 4 and with just a few weeks left, the film is a third rail for many who love the previous three and are now brought to the fray with a reboot starring Ed Skrein who's got some pretty big shoes to fill.

Suffice it to say, this film is not an easy sell and the one who want to see it will do so. Having said all this, with the fight action being key to my own hopeful enjoyment of the film in the hopes of its subsequent trilogy to come, a new clip is online featuring Skrein in action, and for what it's worth, it looks pretty good. Fight choreographer Alain Figlarz definitely looks like he's stayed true to the essence of action design in the previous films, like using arrest techniques and being fast and resourceful in tight spaces. Corey Yuen and Cyril Raffaelli accomplished this in the first three films with their respective contributions, and from the looks of it, The Transporter Refueled may definitely look like it has something amazing to offer for fans not to take for granted and overlook.

There's time though, so there's no rush. But if clips are what you need to mull over your curiosity until then, then here's one for the road. Check it out below!


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