The XENA Reboot Was Happening, Then It Wasn't, But Now It Is. Really? Yes!

Far from the hype stew amid all rumormongering that's happened in the past several years up to last month, has forwarded news from THR confirming the reboot development of the successful television series, Xena: Warrior Princess. Word initally broke a little over three weeks ago that NBC Universal was planning a reboot of the show which followed with tweets from the principle actress of the preceding series, Lucy Lawless, dismissing the news in a tweet, before the network doubled down.

The latest report quotes NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt who told folks at this year's Television Critics Association event that the network is in the early stages, and is, as the inital reports last month suggested, likely heading in a new direction with a writer still in search for a premiere in 2016. Apparently, this is where things might sound a bit complicated, seeing as how the network's "new direction" will comprise of designing their main character in a way that will transcend the "charisma and charm" of Lawless's iteration into a "sophisticated" figure for millenials to relate to by way of Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games.

That likely means they'll be going with a new actress which pretty much undoes any hopes Lawless herself has had in reprising the role. That said, Greenblatt is also cited in his interest in bringing Lawless on board as long as her presence didn't "overshadow the direction" he and the network states they want to go with it.

"I'm not sure how she could be part of it if she wasn't playing Xena," he says. "...and I don't know if that's a direction we'll ever go.".

Translation: As it stands, Lawless might probably be involved at some point...only not as Xena. Assuredly, if they wanted it to work, they would make it so and wouldn't be so focused on appeasing the YA generation of moviegoers fond of female-centric epics. So why dance around the issue?

All in all, if their new formula works with a new actress, so be it. I'd watch it and it'll probably kick tons of ass as long as it transcends the "charisma and charm" of the original series as they hope. Thankfully, Robert Tapert and Sam Raimi are returning to produce this one as well, so their input will be greatly appreciated.

At any rate, this is definitely happening whether some like it or not. It's another fantastic opportunity to set the stage for more stylish action with a beloved heroine now back in the fray. And moreover, hopefully the actress they choose will be a definitive athlete who can not only achieve a delightful performance that will resonate with fans, but also perform the action sequences required with precision and skill. And considering the people I've met in person and the work of those I've seen in my research, there are plenty.

This is going to get interesting. Stick around!


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