THE RAID And THE AVENGING FIST Make The Cut For Well Go USA's Latest Of Re-Releases!

Well Go USA is simultaneously releasing two Asian classics this October to DVD. I've only seen one of these and its Andrew Lau and Corey Yuen's The Avenging Fist, which does make a dodgy, but notable effort in pushing the envelope for visuals. With this, I'll be looking forward to the reinstallation of Tsui Hark and Ching Siu-Tung's The Raid film of yesteryear as well. We can never have enough of these, I guess.

Read Tuesday's announcement and check out the classic trailers for both until official trailers arrive!

PLANO, Texas. (August 18, 2015) – Well Go USA Entertainment brings two action-packed, martial arts classics back for fans of awesome Asian cinema when the adventure comedy THE RAID (1991) and the sci-fi fantasy THE AVENGING FIST (2001) debut on DVD October 6. Each film is available separately.

THE RAID Synopsis:

The time is 1930s. China is in a state of turmoil and flurry. The dethroned Emperor Pu-Yi establishes the Puppet State of Manchukuo in Manchuria and is in cooperation with the Japanese in the test for a poisonous gas. The revolutionary army headed by Lieutenant Mong is designated to crush this vicious plot. During his mission, he comes across witty and valiant veteran Uncle Choy and his friends, who volunteer to help. Mong keeps a view that Uncle Choy is too old to join them. How can Uncle Choy prove himself? Can Mong and Uncle Choy succeed in their mission?

THE RAID (1991) stars Jacky Cheung (Triad Underworld), Tony Leung Kai Fai (The Taking of Tiger Mountain, Tai Chi Hero) and Dean Shek (Peking Opera Blues) and has a runtime of approximately 98 minutes. It is not rated.


DVD Catalog #: WGU01637D
DVD UPC Code: 812491016374
DVD Order Date: 9/1/15
DVD SRP: $14.98

Scientists' experiments on Power glove are on the verge of success. Power glove is designed to activate the hidden potential in human's brain to empower the force of human beings. Special agent Dark, Thunder and War 21 are the only survivors in that experiment. Ambitious War 21 gets evil. He captures Thunder with a power glove and disappears... He has become Dark's fugitive for 20 years. Two decades later, War 21 comes back with brainwashed Thunder and his underground troop aiming to rule the world. Dark is failed to eliminate them but he realizes Thunder has a son who also has the DNA, which enables him to use the power glove to challenge War 21, eventually...

THE AVENGING FIST, starring the legendary Sammo Hung (IP Man franchise), Wang Lee Hom (Lust, Caution), Steven Fung (Tai Chi Zero, Badges of Fury), Gigi Leung (The Monkey King) and Kristy Yang (Young Bruce Lee), has a runtime of approximately 98 minutes and is not rated.


DVD Catalog #: WGU01636D
DVD UPC Code: 812491016367
DVD Order Date: 9/1/15
DVD SRP: $14.98

WgUSA - The Raid/The Avenging Fist


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