THE HIT LIST - August 24, 2015

The Hit List is back once again, and gladly it comes loaded once more with some amazing stuff from around the web!

As usual, we're starting things off with this week's newest online stunt, training and action reels with Deanna Page, Lacey Robinson, Solomon Brende, Tyrone Wiggins, Heather Baroody, Janelle Beaudry, Shawna West, Mike Ryan, Kai Fung Rieck and Reda Oumouzoune.

Moving on to other content, this next video comes from J. Matthew Turner who puts a clever spin on interpreting the perpetual storyline that kicked off the highly-heralded Karate Kid trilogy with the first film. It's pretty hilarious when you watch and listen to it, and it may even have you thinking about whether or not this is the movie you remember. Take a look!

Delving further into the expansion of stunt talent in the world, we can largely thank 20th Century Fox in the wake of their latest release, Hitman: Agent 47. Part of their promotional campaign included enlisting Toronto-based stage and stunt performance troupe, X Limit Entertainment who are now underway with a slate of live-stage shows attributed to the film.

The team itself didn't exactly have a principle actor to befit the lead character's likeness and so they eventually sought after newcomer Andre Guantanamo to lead the way alongside Julia Riddell with just two weeks of rehearsal in advance. It takes a specific skillset to memorize and perform choreography of any kind to a T in front of a live audience, and thankfully, we have a talented group of individuals in a performance that's slightly rough at the edges, but still delivers the desired effect with a satisfied crowd.

Check it out below!

Cutting to the chase, it's time to fight. As such, Reel Deal Action's own Tanay Genco Ulgen is back with another fresh new test action video, and this time with fellow stuntmen, Ken Do and Dimitri Tsoi. Following this is the latest action comedy video from Saudi Arabia-based Stunt Guys Team titled Have Some Water (insert your favorite Bruce Lee joke *HERE*), the latest three way shorts from Cinematic Fight Studio, Crossroads, French action filmmaker Godefroy Ryckewaert latest comedic stooge fight, Nuts, and Shaun Charney's latest three way fight short with Tatiana Dekhtyar and Call Me King co-star Kevin Lukata!

Director Riley Hayes is out and about online with his own take on the sci-fi with the latest original proof-of-concept, Out Of The Maw. The scope here is quite immersing with a lush green overview used as the backdrop of a story of interplanetary turmoil starring Mark Poletti and Ashley Waters-Harrison as two soliders retrieving important data from behind enemy lines.

This one could get picked up for something larger, so feel free to check out the description in this one and watch the video to help warm you up to this awesome universe.

February was a great time for me as I was heavily into getting more interviews moving foward, and I've since had the good fortune to meet and acquaint myself with Malaysian stunt coordinator, choreographer and stuntman, Ayez Shaukat Fonseca. Feel free to read it here, otherwise, you can get your feet wet with his latest test action short pitch, Keluang Man - inspired by the 90's animated cartoon of the same name.

The next video comes with a great blend of action and comedy by way of Mark Anthony Gadia's latest San Diego 48 Hour Film Project entry, RDJ9000. Independent action creatives Fernando Jay Huerto and Eric Nguyen go head to head in this one with Nguyen completely selling his character as an overzealous personal fitness expert opposite. Add Huerto's portrayal as a new student whose attention span completely erodes with the presence of a hot woman in the room, and you can imagine what happens next...
And last but far from least, drenched in blood and betrayal is director Paul Nicoleto's newest dystopian action proof-of-concept, The Dragon's Blade. You can read more about it at my coverage here with well over 120 behind-the-scenes photos, but by all means, watching this little gem from start to finish brings nothing but joy and excitement for something greater with action actor Morgan Benoit leading the epic duel of clashing swords, kabuki masks and more!

The Dragons Blade from PAUL HATZINICOLETOS on Vimeo.

Noteworthy mentions go to Hybrid Fight Academy's own George Johnston in lieu of his recent successful short, Interrogation which now has a color-revised version up for viewing, as well as director Jose Montesinos following the competion and forthcoming post-production of the second installment of his 70's-themed retro action comedy, Sensitive 70's Turtleneck Tough Guys; Click here to read more about it and stay tuned for more updates.

As for last week's Hit List, you can check that out right here, and if you or someone you know creates QUALITY content with an eye for action and exciting fight and stunt work that deserves a spotlight in our weekly Hit List, e-mail us at!


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